The future location of Sth Melbourne tram depot is a major issue at the moment, given Transport Ministry plans to sell the very valuable land it currently occupies. A likely future location for the depot is Port Melbourne.

Uncertainty is also developing over the issue of ticketing machines. Their introduction to replace conductors is constantly being put off. The latest deadline for their takeover of ticket issuing is January 1997. A major reason for these constant delays is that the machines are not working. At Camberwell, experiments are occurring with the machines, however the experiment is proving a failure. The uncertainty affecting the introduction of ticketing machines, also of course affects the future of tram conductors who are on 6 month contracts. A few years back the Trades Hall Council put up a big sign stating their opposition to contracts. However the union officials of the Trades Hall and PTU are doing nothing to oppose the contracts and the associated job insecurity of the connies.