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Capral Granville News

RW: What's happening at Capral?

Capral Worker: The bosses are moving to progressively close the plant and transfer plant operations to Yennora and Minto factories. The machinery at Minto is much superior to what we have. The equipment here, remains outdated and hazardous. The bosses concern for safety is a joke. As part of the factory closure, the surrounding land is being sold. Recently the land of the car park we are currently using has been sold. Whilst where the section9 press is located a new car park is to be built. Only the extrusion section will be left.

RW: What's happening with the redundancy packages?

CW: The bosses are discriminating to whom they will consider for those packages. They won't allow workers to transfer from the extrusion section to those sections to be closed.

RW: What's happening with the "union"?

CW: Many delegates from the various sections don't do their job properly. They continue to fail to report back to workers about discussions held at delegate meetings. I have noticed that workers vote for their friends for the delegate job, rather than someone who is competent and will act as a delegate with a strict mandate from workers meetings, rather than on his own authority.