Greek News

Dear comrades around the world,
With revolutionary greetings, we announce the creation of a Social Center in Heraclion (Crete, Greece). This came as a result of accumulated necessities, and emerged after a period of intervention in the local community. The establishment of this center will enable us to intervene in situations in Heraclion.It is the pre-condition for us to walk the path that will make us socially active, pull us out of the isolation pit, and allow us to spread the freedom values we follow.

The Social Center was created to help and assist this choice of ours.It is a fact,but also an obvious case, that we face a temporary weakness and we are in exteme difficulties and there are major obstacles confronting our task, but the only way for us to remain "untouchable" by the State,is to live according to our revolutionary wishes. At these times, it is necessary to have practical results from the pursuit of our activism and to re-establish and broaden our goals.

We aim to broaden and strengthen the attempt of fighting people to overthrow this corrupted society and create a society with a human face. KKKapitalists continue the war against the fewliving parts of society. They plan new strikes,claiming full power.The resistance against the Rulers pursued by us - is the ONLY way. Creating and organizing new cores of resistance, with mutual aid among the attacked by the bosses and with an uncondinionable full -scale fight against the State, the truth of FREEDOM will be realized.

Offense as the best self-defence and prevention as the best tactic, will provide us with the previledge of choosing the time, the place and the way we will fight.

The case of free people MUST become the case of the whole society.



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