A.S.F. News & Notes

During the weekend of 18th to 19th of May, in Sydney the Land & Freedom conference was held. It's focus was the reassessment of the Spanish Revolution 1936-37 for the Left Today. It was attended by 60 people and was regarded by the organisers, the Red & Black Forum as very successful. The standard of presentations and debate was very high. The atmosphere was very cosy and many new contacts were made. Through such gatherings and exposure to anarcho-syndicalist analyses and history, we are hopeful of winning many on the left to support of the anarcho-syndicalist project.

Coming up on the weekend Aug.3rd-4th is another conference organised by the Red and Black Forum, in Sydney, also at St.Stephen's Hall 189 Church St. Newtown. This time the theme is contemporary and historical industrial relations in Australia. Certainly the Howard Govt's new Industrial Relations Act will alter radically the terrain of industrial relations in Australia. It is vital that we make an analysis of its ramifications, particularly in regard to our objective of forming independent direct action oriented unions.To facilitate such an analysis, we will be holding as one of the sessions, a most formidable panel of experts, which include the NSW Minister of Industrial Relations, a retired Arbitration Commission judge, and anarcho-syndicalist union activists. Another session will focus on the Balmain Docks industrial insurgency of the 1940's and will include Laurie Short and Daphne Gollan. Other sessions will focus on waterside labour history, the Industrial Workers of the World in Australia,the history of the AWU and a range of speakers including Clyde Cameron, a speaker from the ASF, and other well known left and right trade union figures, focusing on the implications of the current crisis of trade unionism.Don't miss this important, historic gathering.

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