Sra Rail Maintenance

As part of the Carr Govt's privatisation of the SRA by stealth strategy focusing upon its break-up into "business entities" with a particular entity associated with the maintenance of the electric rail system, private contractors are to takeover the work of SRA staff employed in this " business entity".To facilitate this takeover, the SRA exams for rail maintenance workers are to be abolished and in their place a "competency" system is to be introduced. If you can say replace signals, etc, you will be given certain competencies, and allowed to do SRA work.

National Rail Freight Corp.

Associated with the bosses' plans for preparing the NRFC for privatisation, via further cost cutting and raising profitablity, Driver Only Operation of trains is an important priority. In recent weeks at Dynon terminal in Melbourne, DOO was to be introduced on NRFC trains. As a result of this iniative, 10 train drivers have refused to comply with DOO, and have resigned from the NRFC and intend to take on driver jobs on the Melbourne electric train system.

Hornsby Depot. News

Important news has been the decision of the bosses to sack the cleaners, and replace them with private contractors. This initiative represents another significant step in the Carr Govt. and boss privatisation plans. With the sacking of SRA cleaners, cleaners in State Transit will also be under increased threat of retrenchment. Other news has been the change in managers at the depot.