1. Our aim is to create a free and equal society.

  2. We are a revolutionary labour movement that uses as its only means of struggle, direct action in all its forms - occupations, strikes, boycotts, sabotage, the general strike, etc. We are independent from all reformist and hierarchic unions and political parties, and we are creating an alternative to these and to existing society. We do not seek to gain political power, but rather to see it distributed equally amongst all.

  3. We are a federation of autonomous anarcho-syndicalist groups practising co-operation and mutual aid. We have no leaders. All members have an equal part in the making of decisions. Responsibilities within the group are carried out by recallable delegates on a voluntary basis. Decisions of the federation are subject to agreement by the member groups.

  4. We are engaged in struggle, where we work and where we live, to develop self-managed production, distribution and servicing for the world community, to meet human needs rather than profit. We give solidarity to others in these struggles.

  5. We are fighting to abolish all authoritarian institutions such as the State (including its communist variety), capitalism, patriarchy and all hierarchical and oppressive divisions between people.

  6. We have no country and are organised on an international basis in opposition to oppression everywhere.

The ASF was formed in 1986 from groups and individuals believing in syndicalism. It is the Australian section of the International Workers Association. This was formed in 1922 and has national sections in more than a dozen countries.