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Commentary on Fanelli

"Fanelli was a tall man with a kind and grave expression, a thick black beard and large black expressive eyes which flashed like lightening or took on the appearance of kindly compassion according to the sentiments which dominated him. His voice had a metallic tone and was suscetible to all the inflexions appropriate to what he was saying, passing rapidly from accents of anger and menace against tyrants and exploiters to take on those of suffering, regret and consolation when he spoke of the pains of the exploited, either as one who without suffering them himself understands them, or as one who through his altruistic feelings delights in presenting the ultra-revolutionary ideas of peace and fraternity. He spoke in French and Italian, but we could understand his expressive mimicry and follow his speech."

-Anselmo Lorenzo, Spanish Anarchist

"For Fanelli, revolution was a way of life, not merely a distant theoretical goal, and his latter years as a deputy were spent on the railways, preaching social revolution during the day in peasant villages throughout Italy, later returning to sleep in the train at night."

-Murray Bookchin, The Spanish Anarchists: the heroic years (1868-1936)

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