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"Cold Off The Presses" is a growing collection of classic anarchist pamphlets and journals. Click on a cover to open the issue.

duty cover
Whole pamphlet as text
berneri cover
Virgila D'Andrea
John H. Babcock
Slaves To Duty
George Barrett
Objections to Anarchism
C. Berneri,
Kropotkin: His Federalist Ideas
cover cover
AmerTrad cover cover
Tom Brown,
The British
General Strike
Eusebio C. Carbo, "La bancarrota
fraudulenta del marxismo"
Volairine de Cleyre
Anarchism and American Traditions
Gigi Danmiani
Viva Rambolot!
cover indiv cover cubes masson cover
Gaellani e Gori
Primo Maggio 1886
Primo Maggio 1956
Emma Goldman,
The Place of
the Individual in Society
Hippolyte Havel
Harry Kelley: An Appreciation
I Gruppi Anarchici della
Valle della Antracite
La Massoneria e il Fascismo
cover state cover wages cover war cover
Leopoldo Kampf
La Vigilia:
Dramma in Tre Atti
Peter Kropotkin, The State:
Its Historic Role
Peter Kropotkin,
The Wage System
Peter Kropotkin,
freedompamphlet4 cover anarchismsocialism cover leval cover cover
Peter Kropotkin,
Freedom Pamphlet #4
Peter Kropotkin,
Law and Authority
Gaston Leval,
Collectives in Spain
Il Suffragio Universale
cover malato
cover cover
Malatesta on Organization,
Fabbri on Libera Sperimentazione
Carlo Malato
L'attentato di Matteo Morral
Ugo Malizia
Dio, Religione, e Preti
Mama Berneri
In Defense of Her Son
cover maximoff cover mensil cover
Mariuzza: La Voragine:
La Grande Guerra -- Quello Che Coosta,
Chi Paga
G.P. Maximoff,
Syndicalists in the Russina Revolution
Giacomo Mesnil,
Stirner, Nietzsche and Anarchism
L.A. Motler,
Anarchist Communism
In Plain English
cover responssol responssol anarchismsocialism cover
Johann Most
The Social Monster
Max Nettlau
Responsibility And Solidarity
in the labor struggle
Max Nettlau
La Responsabilita' e
la Solidarieta' nella Lotta Operaia
1899 Italian version from Barre, VT. [pdf]
Wm. C. Owen,
Anarchism versus Socialism
libcom cover evandrev cover tragedy cover cover
Isaac Puente,
Libertarian Communism
Elisée Reclus,
Evolution and Revolution
Rudolf Rocker,
The Tragedy in Spain
Erte Sanchioni, What
Is Anarchism
tracutenberg cover egoism cover cover
Alexander Trachtenberg,
The Paris Commune
James L. Walker
The Philosophy of Egoism
Fred Woodworth
Anarchism: What is it?
Is it practical or utopian?
Is government necessary?
A comprehesive list of IWW pamphlets can be found on this link.


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