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Collected Works:

Reclus, Elisée (1884) An Anarchist on Anarchy (pdf version) (Italian version)

--- "L'Anarchia" and "L'Anarchia E La Chiesa", Biblioteca Populare, in Italian

--- l'Anarchia (in Italian)
L'Anarchie (French version)

--- (18 ) Dar Fûr

--- (1851)The Development of Liberty in the World

-- (1855), Fragment of a Voyage to New Orleans , with an introduction by John Clark
   "Letters from Louisiana", from A Voyage to New Orleans, eds. Clark and Martin

--- (1889) Why Are We Anarchists?, La Société Nouvelle, Year 5, No. 2, 1889, translated by Iain McKay

-- (1891), Evolution and Revolution, London: W. Reeves, Seventh Edition.
French version

-- (1895), The Ideal and Youth

-- (1898) "A Great Globe," [pdf] The Geographical Journal, Vol. 12, No. 4, Oct., 1898.

-- (1901), To the editors of la Huelga General in Barcelona.

-- (1901), On Vegetarianism, Humane Review, January, 1901.

-- (1911) L'evoluzione legale e l'Anarchia

-- (1923) La Peine De Mort (English translation)

-- (1930), Scriti Sociali (Italian translation of Reclus' work)

-- (1933), La Grande Famille (The Great Kinship Of Humans and Fauna)


-- (n.d.), Preface to Kropotkin's Words of a Rebel

-- (n.d.), Why Anarchists Don't Vote, from Mother Earth

-- (n.d.), Perché Siamo Anarchici?

The History of a Mountain [large pdf file]
The Earth and Its Inhabitants
Vol 1. Africa (large pdf file)
Vol 2. Africa (large pdf file)
Vol 3. Africa (large pdf file)
Vol 4. Africa (large pdf file)
Vol 5. Asia (large pdf file)
Vol 6. Asia (large pdf file)
Vol 7. Asia (large pdf file)
Vol 8. Asia (large pdf file)
Vol 9. North America (large pdf file)
Vol 10. North America (large pdf file)
Vol 11. North America (large pdf file)
Vol 12. Europe (large pdf file)
Vol 13. Europe (large pdf file)
Vol 14. Europe (large pdf file)
Vol 15. Europe (large pdf file)
Vol 16. Europe (large pdf file)
Vol 17. Oceania (Large pdf file)
The Universal Geography
Volume 1 Southern Europe (large pdf file)
Volume 2 France and Switzerland (large pdf file)
Volume 3 Austria-Hungry, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands (large pdf file)
Volume 4 The British Isles (large pdf file)
Volume 5 Northeastern Atlantic, Scandinavia, Russia in Europe (large pdf file)
Volume 6 Asiatic Russia (large pdf file)
Volume 7 East Asia (large pdf file)
Volume 8 India and Indo-China (large pdf file)
Volume 9 South-Western Asia (large pdf file)
Volume 10 North-East Africa (large pdf file)
Volume 11 North-West Africa (large pdf file)
Volume 12 West Africa (large pdf file)
Volume 13 South and East Africa (large pdf file)
Volume 14 Australasia (large pdf file)
Volume 15 North America(large pdf file)
Volume 16 United States (large pdf file)
Volume 17 Mexico, Central America, West Indies (large pdf file)
Volume 18 South America, The Andes Region (large pdf file)
Volume 19 Amazonia and La Plata (large pdf file)


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